I am Xavier Jones, the embodiment of fashion born in Chicago in 1990. My inspiration was my mother, who would always dress elaborately in beautiful vintage clothes that influenced me to think outside the box. To me; the human body is a canvas where I am able to unleash my wildest fantasies. Sadly, too many people feel constrained by stereotypes that dictate what is "acceptable attire".   As a child, I was fascinated by the fashion in magazines and slowly developed my own fashion identity. After years of hard work, here I am living my dream in New York City. I created this blog so I can challenge societies, races, and individuals perception of gender specific roles with my unapologetic androgynous style. There is so much division in the world today and something as fun and expressive as fashion and style shouldn't be drenched in something so limiting, but instead should be a free flowing source of inspiration and freedom. 

 Enjoy as I unmask the layers of mysteries! You will never know what could come out from my closet, so let the mysteries begin.


Xavier Jones