Mystery look 12: Crack life open in "BLACK"

"If we live to the fullest of our ability nothing can stop what's coming next."


We all wonder what life is. Today in my life I can say I'm stronger. I understand when living life you have to take chances and put in the universe anything is possible. Before I get dress every morning; I first try being present in the moment by focus on positive things and  living humbly. 

When it come to wearing all black its easy, modest, and mysterious. Black is a color that works for anyone but the trick is finding ways to make it look different. I took my all black look to the next level by adding floral PRADA sunglasses and a pop of gray with my shoes from Urban Outfitters.  


Wearing: Glasses PRADA| Shirt lounge SOHO| Overalls Tally Weijl| Shoes Vagabond

Photos by:  Jackie B.