Mystery look 98: Fly fearlessly

Accept your identity, live your truth, and most of all be you.


Sometimes we let our deepest fears keep us boxed in, which blocks us from moving forward. We have been programmed to allow false evidences to appear real. In order to break free, we have to accept what it is we fearing, take risks, express, and accept ourselves. Stay in touch with what is really important to you. No more living like a robot! Push through and embrace change rather than resist it.

Yes, I dress to impress, but it's also my way of saying who I am without speaking a word. What I wear is an expression of me and I know longer allow others to dictate who I should be. My fears no longer control my thoughts which allows my life to flow naturally. I've learned to treat my mind, body and soul with kindness and compassion so everything else can fall into place. It's not an easy road to let go of fears, but I'm choosing to take back the power.

The first step to breaking free from your fears is to accept them. After doing so, look at your fears rather than run from them. Always remember you are in control. If you ever in doubt repeatedly tell yourself you are stronger than what you see or hear. It's the best practice I have discovered over the years! Our thoughts are the roots of our doubts and fears so being in control is a must. That was my strategy for breaking free and I think it would work great for you. Take this word of encouragement as awakening, and know we are all good enough.


Wearing: Hat Lite felt| Blazer French connection| Pants H&M| Shoes Ann Taylor

Photos by: Geenivene Adams