Uniquely authentic - Featuring: XIMONLEE SS16

If you a unique person like me and looking to create impeccable style this is the collection for you.


Oversized fashion trends is stepping up for both men and women. This is a trend that takes gender out of fashion. But as oversized wear gets older, the mix is growing and diversifying. With so many anti-fit selections in today's fashion you can create looks uniquely authentic.

As we move into the collection let's just say this is a mix of pieces that will blow you mind. You can't do nothing but notice the sharp tailoring and the structured designs when wearing any of the selected pieces. From the pleated denim to wide leg trouser and the oversize collars you have the ability to create a statement without even trying.

The collection speaks for itself but the inspiration behind it puts more meaning into the layering and oversize details. The inspiration came from people that's down and out (homeless) on the streets and the children leningradsky. If you don't know much about leningradsky children I'll sum up a little history for you.

The children of Leningradsky is a community of homeless children that is living in Leningradsky railway in Moscow according to Wikipedia. These group of children were beaten and rejected by their parents and they thought the only way of finding freedom was running away from home. They relied on drinking alcohol and sniffing glue out of plastic to escape the pain. Be inspire by the awareness and step out of your comfort zone by challenging your style with this collection.

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