Mystery look 58: Leather Jacket+ Winter layers

Leather jackets are always a must!


 Today's look consist of black, black, and more black. It's a color that go's with everything, easy to play with,  and is flattering to wear. The best thing about pairing black winter layers with leather  jackets is that it's a cool way to create an extraordinary edge whether you going for dressy or casual.  I never feel out of place In my leather jacket from ASOS, I just love it. The cut is great for laying and it fit just right. The upfront cost for an awesome leather jacket might be steep, but you're going to have the jacket so long that, per wear, you're probably paying less than you are for anything else in your wardrobe.

How do you wear your leather jacket in the winter? 

Wearing: Hat H&M| Under turtle neck Uniqlo| Over Button down EXPRESS| Leather biker jacket ASOS| Under pants H&M| Over wide crop trouser TOPSHOP| Shoes Sam Edelman  

Photos by: J. Cherry