This year, I’m working on being more conscious, alive and more importantly, experiencing life on a whole new level.

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In the past years, my focus has been a little off track. I have been putting more energy into worrying about my struggles instead of focusing on future goals. Do not get me wrong, there has been progress in my life, but I’m not in the space that I want to be in. One thing I will say about myself is that I don’t show signs of weakness and the fact that I’m expressing to you guys shows that I’m growing from my down falls. I realized that my struggles are not a part of my identity and with growth, I have to understand that the past is only strength for the now. My vision was blurred, but now I can see clear pass all the negativity that was going on in my life.
I’m definitely getting my focus power back and the passion that I had before all the distractions occurred in my life. To keep my mind on track this year, I’m going to work on cleansing my energy by surrounding myself around positive people, meditating, reading and eating more healthy. Once I strengthen these qualities I feel as if nothing can stand in my way. Moving forward, I will also work on transforming myself into becoming my best higher self. This means that I will have the ability to attract whatever I want and that’s something I need in my life.

  I’m no longer going to wait for opportunities to come my way, I’m going to continue working on creating my own.


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